Our Supporters

“I am proud to join more than 300 other judges in endorsing Judge Neubauer for the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Judge Neubauer exemplifies what all of us on the bench strive to be – neutral and dispassionate, with a mind that is able to sift through complex issues and arrive at a just result.”

Judge Rick Brown, former Chief Judge of the Wisconsin Court of Appeals

“Wisconsin needs a justice who will stand up for the rights of our citizens and the rule of law. Judge Neubauer will be that kind of justice. I am proud to support her candidacy for Supreme Court.”

Dane County Sheriff David Mahoney (D)

“Judge Neubauer has a tremendous record of achievement in the law, as both an attorney and an appellate judge, and there is no one better suited to be Wisconsin’s next Supreme Court Justice. Wisconsin is fortunate to have such an honorable, independent, intelligent and thoughtful jurist step forward to run.”

Deputy Chief Judge Lisa Stark, Wisconsin Court of Appeals

“Judge Neubauer is the right choice for Wisconsin Supreme Court. She has shown that she has the independence and the commitment to public safety that we need on our state’s highest court. I support her today just as I did in her re-election for the Court of Appeals in 2014.”

Winnebago County Sheriff John Matz (R)

Court of Appeals Judges

Hon. Daniel Anderson*
Hon. Brian W. Blanchard
Hon. Kitty K. Brennan
Hon. Burnie Bridge*
Hon. Richard S. Brown*
Hon. Edward R. Brunner*
Hon. Thomas Cane*
Hon. David G. Deininger*

Hon. Timothy Dugan
Hon. Charles P. Dykman*
Hon. William Eich*
Hon. Michael Fitzpatrick
Hon. Paul Higginbotham*
Hon. Michael W. Hoover*
Presiding Judge Joan F. Kessler
Hon. JoAnne Kloppenburg
Hon. Daniel L. LaRoque*

Presiding Judge Paul Lundsten
Hon. Mark A. Mangerson*
Hon. Jennifer Nashold+
Hon. Gregory Peterson*
Hon. Mark A. Seidl
Hon. Gary E. Sherman
Deputy Chief and Presiding Judge Lisa K. Stark
Hon. Margaret J. Vergeront*

U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin

Hon. Charles Clevert*

Hon. James Shapiro*

 Circuit and Municipal Court Judges

Hon. Robert Eaton* – Ashland County
Hon. Kelly McKnight – Ashland County
Hon. James Babler – Barron County
Hon. John P. Anderson – Bayfield County
Hon. Brooke Joos – Beloit Mun. Judge
Hon. Christopher Washburn – Village of Blue Mounds Mun. Judge
Hon. Richard Bennett, Sr. – Brodhead Mun. Court
Hon. Sue E. Bischel* – Brown County
Hon. Marc A. Hammer – Brown County
Hon. Timothy A. Hinkfuss – Brown County
Hon. Thomas J. Walsh – Brown County
Hon. Mark Warpinski* – Brown County
Hon. Donald R. Zuidmulder – Brown County
Hon. Thomas Clark – Buffalo / Pepin County
Hon. James Duvall* – Buffalo / Pepin County
Hon. Kenneth L. Kutz* – Burnett County
Hon. Melissa Mogen – Burnett County
Hon. Roger Benjamin – Village of Butler Mun. Judge
Hon. Donald Poppy* – Calumet County
Hon. Roderick A. Cameron* – Chippewa County
Hon. Steven Cray – Chippewa County
Hon. James Isaacson – Chippewa County
Hon. Lyndsey Boon Brunette – Clark County
Hon. Daniel George* – Columbia County
Hon. James O. Miller* – Columbia County
Hon. Alan White* – Columbia County
Hon. James Cjazkowski* – Crawford County
Hon. Michael Kirchman* – Crawford County
Hon. Stephen Smits – Village of Combined Locks Mun. Judge
Hon. John Albert* – Dane County
Hon. Peter Anderson – Dane County
Hon. Valerie L. Bailey-Rihn – Dane County
Hon. Angela B. Bartell* – Dane County
Hon. Ellen K. Berz – Dane County
Hon. Stephen Ehlke – Dane County
Hon. Juan B. Colas – Dane County
Hon. Susan Crawford – Dane County
Hon. David T. Flanagan* – Dane County
Hon. C. William Foust* – Dane County
Hon. Mark Frankel* – Dane County
Hon. Shelley J. Gaylord – Dane County
Hon. Julie Genovese – Dane County
Hon. William Hanrahan – Dane County
Hon. John D. Hyland – Dane County
Hon. Jill J. Karofsky – Dane County
Hon. Rhonda L. Lanford – Dane County
Hon. John Markson* – Dane County
Hon. Nicholas McNamara – Dane County
Hon. Everett Mitchell – Dane County
Hon. Daniel R. Moeser* – Dane County
Hon. Michael Nowakowski* – Dane County
Hon. Moria Krueger* – Dane County
Hon. Diane Nicks Sorensen* – Dane County
Hon. Richard D. Niess – Dane County
Hon. Sarah O’Brien* – Dane County
Hon. Frank D. Remington – Dane County
Hon. Josann Reynolds – Dane County
Hon. Stuart Schwartz* – Dane County
Hon. Susan Steingass* – Dane County
Hon. Maryann Sumi* – Dane County
Hon. Felice Borisy-Rudin – Shorewood Hills Mun. Judge
Hon. Marilyn Townsend – Shorewood Hills Mun. Judge

Hon. Steven D. Bauer – Dodge County
Hon. Andrew P. Bissonnette* – Dodge County
Hon. John R. Storck* – Dodge County
Hon. Peter C. Diltz* – Door County
Hon. D. Todd Ehlers – Door County
Hon. Robert A. Hawley* – Door County
Hon. George Glonek – Douglas County
Hon. Michael Lucci* – Douglas County
Hon. Kelly Thimm – Douglas County
Hon. James Peterson – Dunn County
Hon. Rod Smeltzer – Dunn County
Hon. Bill Stewart* – Dunn County
Hon. Randi Wind Milsap – Eastern Dane Mun. Court
Hon. Thomas H. Barland* – Eau Claire County
Hon. William Gabler* – Eau Claire County
Hon. Sarah Harless – Eau Claire County
Hon. Emily Long – Eau Claire County
Hon. John F. Manydeeds – Eau Claire County
Hon. Benjamin Proctor* – Eau Claire County
Hon. Michael Schumacher – Eau Claire County
Hon. Thomas Alisankus – Evansville Mun. Court
Hon. Hamdy Ezalarab – Fitchburg Mun. Judge
Hon. Leon D. Stanz – Florence/Forest Counties
Hon. Dale L. English – Fond du Lac County
Hon. Gary Sharpe – Fond du Lac County
Hon. Robert Wirtz – Fond du Lac County
Hon. Scott Wales – Fox Point Mun. Judge
Hon. Frederick Klimetz – Franklin Mun. Judge
Hon. Scott Letteney – Town of Geneva Mun. Judge
Hon. David L. Grace – Grand Rapids / Saratoga Mun. Court
Hon. Craig R. Day – Grant County
Hon. James R. Beer – Green County
Hon. Thomas J. Vale – Green County
Hon. Susan Gherty – Hudson Mun. Judge
Hon. Margaret Koehler – Iowa County
Hon. Patrick John Madden – Iron County
Hon. Thomas Lister* – Jackson County
Hon. Jennifer L. Weston* – Jefferson County
Hon. Thomas Simonson – Kickapoo River Mun. Judge
Hon. David M. Bastianelli – Kenosha County
Hon. Barbara A. Kluka* – Kenosha County

Hon. Anthony G. Milisauskas – Kenosha County
Hon. Mary Wagner – Kenosha County
Hon. David Wilk – Kenosha County
Hon. Marlene Engstrom – Village of Silver Lake Municipal Judge
Hon. Dennis Mleziva* – Kewaunee County
Hon. Todd Bjerke – La Crosse County
Hon. Gloria L. Doyle – La Crosse County
Hon. Ramona Gonzalez – La Crosse County
Hon. Scott Horne – La Crosse County
Hon. Roger LeGrand* – La Crosse County
Hon. Elliot Levine – La Crosse County
Hon. Dennis Montabon* – La Crosse County
Hon. Michael Mulroy* – La Crosse County
Hon. Dale T. Pasell* – La Crosse County
Hon. John Perlich* – La Crosse County
Hon. William D. Johnston* – Lafayette County
Hon. Duane M. Jorgenson – Lafayette County
Hon. John B. Rhode – Langlade County
Hon. Douglas Stern* – Lake Country Mun. Judge
Hon. Glenn Hartley* – Lincoln County
Hon. J. Michael Nolan* – Lincoln County
Hon. Robert Russell – Lincoln County
Hon. Jay Tlusty – Lincoln County
Hon. Daniel P. Koval – Madison Mun. Court Judge
Hon. Gary L. Bendix* – Manitowoc County
Hon. Darryl Deets* – Manitowoc County
Hon. Jerilyn M. Dietz – Manitowoc County
Hon. Robert P. Dewane – Manitowoc County
Hon. Jerome L. Fox* – Manitowoc County
Hon. Fred Hazlewood* – Manitowoc County
Hon. Mark Rohrer – Manitowoc County
Hon. Patrick L. Willis* – Manitowoc County
Hon. Dorothy Bain* – Marathon County
Hon. Jill N. Falstad – Marathon County
Hon. Greg Grau* – Marathon County
Hon. Gregory B. Huber – Marathon County
Hon. Michael A. Moran – Marathon County
Hon. Gregory J. Strasser – Marathon County
Hon. Kristine Weirauch – Everest Mun. Judge
Hon. Tim A. Duket* – Marinette County
Hon. Randi Othrow – McFarland Mun. Judge
Hon. Marjorie Schuett – Middleton Mun. Judge
Hon. Carl Ashley – Milwaukee County
Hon. Jane V. Carroll – Milwaukee County
Hon. Karen E. Christenson* – Milwaukee County
Hon. Dennis R. Cimpl – Milwaukee County
Hon. Pedro Colón – Milwaukee County
Hon. Jeffrey A. Conen – Milwaukee County
Hon. Gwen Connelly – Milwaukee County
Hon. Thomas Cooper* – Milwaukee County
Hon. Laura Crivello – Milwaukee County
Hon. Jean DiMotto* – Milwaukee County
Hon. M. Joseph Donald – Milwaukee County
Hon. Thomas Donegan* – Milwaukee County
Hon. Michael Dwyer – Milwaukee County
Hon. David Feiss – Milwaukee County
Hon. Clare L. Fiorenza – Milwaukee County
Hon. Mel Flanagan* – Milwaukee County
Hon. Christopher Foley – Milwaukee County
Hon. Gary Gerlach* – Milwaukee County
Hon. Bonnie L. Gordon* – Milwaukee County
Hon. Michael D. Goulee* – Milwaukee County
Hon. Lindsey C. Grady – Milwaukee County
Hon. James A. Gramling, Jr.* – Milwaukee County
Hon. Laura Gramling Perez – Milwaukee County
Hon. David Allen Hansher – Milwaukee County
Hon. William Jennaro* – Milwaukee County
Hon. Daniel Konkel* – Milwaukee County
Hon. Mary Kuhnmuench – Milwaukee County
Hon. Charles F. Kahn, Jr.* – Milwaukee County
Hon. Jean M. Kies – Milwaukee County
Hon. Jeffrey A. Kremers* – Milwaukee County
Hon. Elsa Lamelas* – Milwaukee County
Hon. Michael Malmstadt* – Milwaukee County
Hon. Patricia McMahon* – Milwaukee County
Hon. Dennis P. Moroney – Milwaukee County
Hon. Marshall B. Murray – Milwaukee County
Hon. Daniel Noonan* – Milwaukee County
Hon. William Pocan – Milwaukee County
Hon. Janet Protasiewicz – Milwaukee County
Hon. Frederick C. Rosa – Milwaukee County
Hon. Stephanie Rothstein – Milwaukee County
Hon. Mark A. Sanders – Milwaukee County
Hon. Richard John Sankovitz – Milwaukee County
Hon. Michael Skwierawski * – Milwaukee County
Hon. William Sosnay – Milwaukee County
Hon. Russell W. Stamper* – Milwaukee County
Hon. Michael P. Sullivan * – Milwaukee County
Hon. David C. Swanson – Milwaukee County
Hon. Mary Triggiano – Milwaukee County
Hon. Paul R. Van Grunsven – Milwaukee County
Hon. Jeffrey A. Wagner – Milwaukee County
Hon. Francis T. Wasielewski * – Milwaukee County
Hon. J.D. Watts – Milwaukee County
Hon. Lee Wells* – Milwaukee County
Hon. Glenn H. Yamahiro – Milwaukee County
Hon. Kristy Yang – Milwaukee County
Hon. Paul E. Gordon (ALJ)* – Milwaukee County
Hon. Patrick Berigan – Milwaukee Mun. Judge
Hon. Phil Chavez – Milwaukee Mun. Judge
Hon. Valarie Hill – Milwaukee Mun. Judge
Hon. Derek C. Mosley – Milwaukee Mun. Judge
Hon. Michael P. Finley – Monona Mun. Judge
Hon. Steven Tinker* – Monona Mun. Judge
Hon. Mark L. Goodman – Monroe County
Hon. Richard Radcliffe – Monroe County
Hon. J. David Rice* – Monroe County
Hon. Todd Ziegler – Monroe County
Hon. Michael Phegley – Mount Pleasant Mun. Judge
Hon. Kelly Sippel – New Holstein Mun. Judge
Hon. Michael Bloom – Oneida County

Hon. Robert Kinney* – Oneida County
Hon. Leland Wigg-Ninham – Oneida Court of Appeals
Hon. James Bayorgeon* – Outagamie County
Hon. Nancy J. Krueger – Outagamie County
Hon. Mark J. McGinnis – Outagamie County
Hon. Mitchell J. Metropulos – Outagamie County
Hon. Joseph Troy* – Outagamie County
Hon. Paul Malloy – Ozaukee County
Hon. Sandy A. Williams – Ozaukee County
Hon. Tom Wolfgram* – Ozaukee County
Hon. Joseph Boles – Pierce County
Hon. Richard Ginkowski – Pleasant Prairie Mun. Judge
Hon. Robert Rasmussen* – Polk County
Hon. Thomas Eagon – Portage County
Hon. John V. Finn* – Portage County
Hon. Fred Fleishauer* – Portage County
Hon. Thomas T. Flugaur – Portage County
Hon. Robert Shannon – Portage County
Hon. Dennis Flynn* – Racine County
Hon. Charles H. Constantine – Racine County
Hon. Faye M. Flancher – Racine County
Hon. Eugene A. Gasiorkiewicz – Racine County
Hon. Wayne J. Marik* – Racine County
Hon. Maureen Martinez – Racine County
Hon. Emily S. Mueller – Racine County
Hon. Mark F. Nielsen – Racine County
Hon. David W. Paulson – Racine County
Hon. Gerald P. Ptacek* – Racine County
Hon. Allen Torhorst – Racine County
Hon. Nancy E. Wheeler* – Racine County
Hon. Alice Rudebusch – Racine County Court Commissioner
Hon. Rebecca K. Mason* – Racine Mun. Judge
Hon. Christina Bass – Towns of Yorkville and Dover Municipal Judge
Hon. Charles Gitzinger – Town of Randall Mun. Judge
Hon. Sandra Cardo Gorsuch – Reedsburg Mun. Court
Hon. Edward Leineweber* – Richland County
Hon. William Andrew Sharp – Richland County
Hon. Alan Bates* – Rock County
Hon. Daniel Dillon – Rock County
Hon. Michael Haakenson – Rock County
Hon. Barbara McCrory – Rock County
Hon. Michael Holland – Town of Beloit Mun. Judge
Hon. Doug Klingberg – Rothschild Mun. Court
Hon. Steven P. Anderson – Rusk County
Hon. Howard W. Cameron, Jr.* – St. Croix County
Hon. Edward Vlack – St. Croix County
Hon. James Evenson* – Sauk County
Hon. Wendy J.N. Klicko – Sauk County
Hon. Guy Reynolds – Sauk County
Hon. Patrick Taggert* – Sauk County
Hon. John Yackel – Sawyer County
Hon. James J. Bolgert* – Sheboygan County
Hon. Terence T. Bourke* – Sheboygan County
Hon. Gary Langhoff* – Sheboygan County
Hon. John B. Murphy* –Sheboygan County
Hon. Rebecca Persick-Sheboygan County
Hon. L. Edward Stengel – Sheboygan County
Hon. Angela Sutkiewicz – Sheboygan County
Hon. Timothy M. Van Akkeren* – Sheboygan County
Hon. Matthew Mooney – City of Plymouth Municipal Judge
Hon. Susan Schleisner – Village of Elkhart Lake Municipal Judge
Hon. Natasha Torry – Towns of Sheboygan and Kohler Municipal Judge

Hon. David Wessel – Sheboygan Falls Municipal Judge
Hon. Matthew Roethe – Stoughton Mun. Judge
Hon. Robert C. Kupfer – Somers Mun. Judge
Hon. Thomas Hebl – Sun Prairie Mun. Judge
Hon. Gary Carlson* – Taylor County
Hon. Ann N. Knox-Bauer – Taylor County
Hon. Thomas Flock – Tomah Mun. Court
Hon. John A. Damon* – Trempealeau County
Hon. Michael J. Rosborough* – Vernon County
Hon. Darcy J. Rood – Vernon County
Hon. Todd Meurer – Town of Madison / Middleton / Verona Mun. Judge
Hon. Neal A. Nielsen – Vilas County
Hon. Dennis Costello* – Walworth County
Hon. Phillip Koss – Walworth County
Hon. John R. Race* – Walworth County
Hon. Denise Gibbons – Village of Sharon Municipal Judge
Hon. Eugene D. Harrington – Washburn County
Hon. Patrick Faragher* – Washington County
Hon. Andrew Gonring – Washington County
Hon. Todd Martens – Washington County
Hon. David Resheske* – Washington County
Hon. Guy Dutcher – Waushara County
Hon. William Domina – Waukesha County
Hon. Kathryn Foster – Waukesha County
Hon. Ness Flores* – Waukesha County
Hon. Robert Mawdsley* – Waukesha County
Hon. Vicki Clussman – Waupaca County
Hon. John P. Hoffmann* – Waupaca County
Hon. Raymond Huber – Waupaca County
Hon. Philip Kirk* – Waupaca County
Hon. Troy L. Nielson – Waupaca County
Hon. Brian Sears – Webster Mun. Judge
Hon. Teresa S. Basiliere – Winnebago County
Hon. Daniel J. Bissett – Winnebago County
Hon. William Carver* – Winnebago County
Hon. John Jorgensen – Winnebago County
Hon. Barbara Hart Key – Winnebago County
Hon. Karen L. Seifert – Winnebago County
Hon. Scott C. Woldt – Winnebago County
Hon. Paul D. Christensen – Whitefish Bay Mun. Judge

Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police

Sheriff Paul Susienka – Bayfield County
Sheriff James Kowalczyk – Chippewa County
Sheriff Dennis Richards* – Columbia County
Sheriff Dave Mahoney – Dane County
Sheriff Steven Delarwelle* – Door County
Sheriff Tammy Sternard – Door County
Sheriff Thomas Dalbec – Douglas County
Sheriff Dennis Smith* – Dunn County
Sheriff Jeff Skatrud – Green County
Sheriff Tony Furyk* – Iron County
Sheriff David Beth – Kenosha County
Sheriff Robert Hermann* – Manitowoc County
Sheriff Earnell Lucas – Milwaukee County

Sheriff Wes Revels – Monroe County
Sheriff Scott Perkins* – Monroe County
Sheriff Nancy Hove – Pierce County
Sheriff Mike Lukas – Portage County
Sheriff Chris Schmaling – Racine County
Racine Chief of Police Art Howell
Sheriff Troy Knudson – Rock County
Sheriff Cory Roeseler – Sheboygan County
Sheriff Richard Anderson* – Trempealeau County
Sheriff Joseph Fath – Vilas County
Sheriff Jeff Nett* – Waushara County
Sheriff Wally Zuehlke – Waushara County
Sheriff John Matz – Winnebago County

District Attorneys

Ashland County District Attorney Kelly McKnight*
Barron County District Attorney James Babler*
Brown County District Attorney Donald R. Zuidmulder*
Burnett County District Attorney Kenneth L. Kutz*
Buffalo County District Attorney Tom Clark*
Buffalo County District Attorney Tom Bielski
Clark County District Attorney Lyndsey Boon Brunette*
Clark County District Attorney Kerra Stumbris
Calumet County District Attorney Jerilyn M. Dietz*
Dane County District Attorney Brian Blanchard*
Dane County District Attorney Diane Nicks Sorenson*
Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne
Dodge County District Attorney Steven D. Bauer*
Dodge County District Attorney Daniel George*
Douglas County District Attorney Mark Fruehauf
Dunn County District Attorney Andrea Nodolf
Dunn County District Attorney James Peterson*
Eau Claire District Attorney Rich White*
Green County District Attorney James R. Beer*
Iowa County District Attorney Larry Nelson
Iron County District Attorney Matthew Tingstad
Jackson County District Attorney Daniel Diehn
Jackson County District Attorney Thomas Lister*
Kenosha County District Attorney Michael Graveley
Kenosha County District Attorney Robert Jambois*
Kewaunee County District Attorney Andrew Naze
La Crosse County District Attorney Tim Gruenke
La Crosse County District Attorney Scott Horne*
La Crosse County District Attorney Roger LeGrand*

Lincoln County District Attorney Donald Dunphy*
Manitowoc County District Attorney Mark Rohrer*
Marathon County District Attorney Jill N. Falstad*
Marathon County District Attorney Theresa Wetzsteon
Marinette County District Attorney Tim A. Duket*
Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm
Milwaukee County District Attorney E. Michael McCann*
Oneida County District Attorney Michael Bloom*
Ozaukee County District Attorney Sandy Williams*
Ozaukee County District Attorney Tom Wolfgram*
Polk County District Attorney Robert Rassmussen*
Portage County District Attorney Thomas Eagon*
Portage County District Attorney Fred Fleishauer*
Portage County District Attorney Louis Molepske
Price County District Attorney Mark Fuhr
Racine County District Attorney Gerald Ptacek*
Richland County District Attorney Edward Leinweber*
Rock County District Attorney David O’Leary
Rusk County District Attorney Annette Barna
Sheboygan County District Attorney Joe DeCecco*
Taylor County District Attorney Kristi Tlusty
Trempealeau County District Attorney John Sacia
Walworth County District Attorney Phillip Koss*
Washburn County District Attorney – Angeline Winton
Washington County District Attorney David Resheske*
Waupaca County District Attorney Veronica Isherwood
Waushara County District Attorney Guy Dutcher*
Wood County District Attorney Craig Lambert

* Indicates Former or Retired