Re-elect Judge Lisa Neubauer to the Wisconsin Court of Appeals

About Lisa

Chief Judge Lisa Neubauer has the qualifications, experience and character we need for Wisconsin Court of Appeals.  She has a deep understanding of the law and the constitution, and a proven record of accomplishment, leadership, and fair and impartial decision-making over her 12 years on the Court.

As Chief Judge, Judge Neubauer has focused on keeping our community safe by making sure murderers and other dangerous criminals stay behind bars. She has a record of protecting women and children from abusers, and making sure that victims and their families receive justice.

Judge Neubauer has seen first-hand how the opioid crisis, drug addiction, and violent crime destroys lives, families, and communities. She has held sex predators and dangerous drug dealers accountable.  

More than 250 judges, and bi-partisan sheriffs, prosecutors and chiefs of police are supporting Judge Neubauer. They trust her experience and ability to serve us on the Court.