RACINE, WI – Judge Lisa Neubauer, Chief Judge of the Wisconsin Court of Appeals, announced her candidacy today for the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Judge Neubauer has served for over a decade on the Wisconsin Court of Appeals, and has been Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals since 2015. Before becoming a judge, Judge Neubauer was a partner and litigation attorney at Foley & Lardner.

“I am very excited today to announce my candidacy for Justice on the Wisconsin Supreme Court,” said Judge Neubauer. “I am called to public service and seek to ensure that our next justice has the experience and independence that Wisconsinites deserve on the state’s highest court.”

Judge Neubauer also announced that she has been endorsed by more than 150 current and former Wisconsin judges, including 18 judges from the Wisconsin Court of Appeals.

“Judge Neubauer has a tremendous record of achievement in the law, as both an attorney and an appellate judge, and there is no one better suited to be Wisconsin’s next Supreme Court Justice,” said Judge Lisa Stark of the Wisconsin Court of Appeals, “Wisconsin is fortunate to have such an honorable, independent, intelligent and thoughtful jurist step forward and I join my colleagues today in strongly endorsing Judge Neubauer for election to the Supreme Court in April.”

“I am humbled and honored by the support that I have already received from my colleagues on the bench,” said Judge Neubauer. “These judges represent a broad array of legal perspectives from across the state, and their support demonstrates that I will be a judge every resident of Wisconsin can trust to be fair and impartial.”

“I look forward to the next several months as I get a chance to travel the state and talk with Wisconsinites about what matters most to them on the court,” said Judge Neubauer.

After being appointed to the Court of Appeals, Judge Neubauer was elected in 2008 and re-elected in 2014, and has served as Chief Judge since 2015. She had almost two decades of experience as a litigation attorney at Foley & Lardner before joining the appellate court and also served as a law clerk for Judge Barbara Crabb, then-Chief Judge of the United States District Court, Western District of Wisconsin. Judge Neubauer lives in Racine with her husband, Jeff, and they are the proud parents of three children.

For more information on Judge Neubauer’s campaign, visit her website JudgeNeubauer.com or follow her on social media (facebook.com/judgeneubauer or @JudgeNeubauer).